Friday, January 6, 2017

Red Kitchen Ideas

Hello friends, it’s another day with kitchen ideas and was keeping with the bold colors in the kitchen. Now we’re going to warm it up with some hot spicy red. Who of us would dare to use the color red in a kitchen? Hmmm sounds like a challenge of some kind. Did you hare me say who of us would dare to use the color red in the kitchen? Well friends I have to admit I have the color red in my kitchen but not like you’re thinking no not as bold and spicy like the kitchen I’m talking about. My kitchen throws a hint of the color in there with most of the accessories defining the color red in my kitchen but as you will soon see even if your just have a hint of red it makes a huge difference. Now without further ado If you’re interested in the color red for your kitchen I dreamed up a bunch for you to explore and to inspire you in creating a beautiful, bold and functional red kitchen. Check out these amazing red kitchen ideas below!

Window Styling

Hello Friends, “happy Monday I hope you had a beautiful weekend” Friends are you ready to dress those windows? I am asked on a regular basis how to style my windows? And trust me it’s a good question because dressing or styling a window requires a careful plan.
First you start with an overview of style possibilities’ and then think about color and design. Functional matters too like privacy and light control are important. Some windows are easy to handle while others are a real challenge. But for each there is variety of pleasing and practical choices to choose from. Friends are you ready to check out some cool window covering in different style for your window woes? Today were going to focus on two problem style windows, picture window and bay windows without further ado lets get to it.

Picture Windows-Picture window- is used in a combination with sliding or a casement window, picture windows (also called fixed glass windows) let in plenty of light and frames the view.
I love this example above with of a picture window because along with the panels it exposed wood grain blinds and natural woven shades as well. Beautiful!
Wow what a beautiful window who would want to cover it? I love how this large picture window is framed so beautifully with the long pleated draperies so to show off the beauty of this window. Just lovely!
How beautiful another framed picture window.
This window could easily be a patio door and it shows how framing the window with the panels shows off the elegance of the window.

Bay Windows- Bay or bow window- a bay is a recessed window angled sections; a bow has window sets and gentle curve. If the view is great and privacy isn’t an issue this is a window you can very well leave uncovered. But if that is not an option here are some examples below.
The example above gives you an idea how to dress a bay window. The example above also show a clever idea of a window seat that can be something else you can do with the space. Also
This is so cute I just love the window seat and the panels are short enough not to touch the seat. This is a perfect window to just use toppers also if you didn't want to cover the view.
Side Pleat Valance in Bay Window- this is an example of not really covering the window see the great view but the option is still there to put draperies on the outsides of the bay window.
I love how this bay window shows the draperies and the beautiful shades.
I love how this bay window is just being framed by beautiful draperies. Nice!

Friends thank you for sticking around and checking out some window styling solutions. I hope these tips gave you an insight on styling your problem windows. 
What do you think?
Is styling a picture window easier? Doesn’t framing them make lots of sense?
How about the bay windows? Are you more confident on how to style them?
Let me know in your comment below!

How to Spot Furniture Quality - Dressers

Hello friends, have you ever been out shopping for furniture and wanted to know just how to determine the quality of a certain furniture piece? Well by now many of you know I worked for a furniture company before but what you may not know is I learned a whole lot about the quality of furniture and I thought how fitting will it be if I could help you when you’re out looking for quality in your furniture purchase.
What quality means to me is excellence, value, superiority, and worth so if you add all those things up you get a high ticket purchase but for these high quality furniture pieces ones may expect to pay for it. 

Now there are multitudes of ways that furniture can be built better or cheaper and every manufacture has their own way of doing what they do. It would be impossible to detail all of them. The objective here is to give a comprehensive outline of those features of construction and materials which are commonly found in better grades of furniture.

Shopping for a dresser! How to find a quality one?
The finish should be smooth and satisfying to the touch. If stain or varnish is employed in the finish, it should be applied evenly and to a uniform thickness. For design and decoration reasons, most of the structural details of furniture are hidden. Most of the details and construction features of well-made furniture as you may be aware of can’t be seen and almost none of the benefits are visible.
Now friends when you’re out at the furniture store and the salesperson comes up to you and ask you what you’re looking for and you tell him/her you’re looking for a quality dressers, the salespersons or person should be aware of such quality and not just a pleasing to the eye structure dresser but he/she should be able to show you the unseen hidden under the beauty benefits. Now I talked about how the finish should look and feel but before all of that the dresser had to be made and put together right? 
Here is what you should be looking for in a high quality dresser- Dovetail Joints
What is a dovetail joint? Dovetails have traditionally been considered a benchmark for quality drawer construction. Its purpose is to stabilize drawer fronts so that years of use won’t loosen them. Here is what a dovetail looks like.
Dovetail Joints

Double groove and loose tongue joint-tongue and groove

The two comes together and this is what you get
Now as I mentioned earlier you won’t be able to see any of these benefits just by looking at the dresser or opening the drawer, this is when you tell the salesperson or interior designer who’s shopping with you to pull the drawers out and then you can see if that particular drawer has a dovetail joint. 
You may also want to ask the store salespersons if the piece was made with solid hardwood throughout or are there some veneers that are present and if so it doesn’t mean you don’t have a quality piece it’s just a method that was used.

Now friends if cost is in issue and a quality piece aren’t as important, there are cheaper options such as particle board.  Particleboard is cheaper than, not as strong as your hardwoods but it’s substituted for them when looks and strength are less important than cost.
So friends the next time you’re looking for a quality dresser at your local furniture store remember to have the salesperson pull out the drawer and look for dovetail joints.
What do you think?
Are you looking for a well structured dresser?
What matters most to you; strength or appearance?
Let me know in your comment below!

Friday's Runway Decorate- Designed by Shinay

Hello friends, its been a while since we've done a Friday's runway decorate that is why I thought I would make this one a little special. This time I decided to do the decorate part. That's right my very own runway decorate. Sometimes friends when you talk the talk you have to walk the walk. Walk the runway I mean. Check out this cool runway decorate e-design I did and let me know if I walked the walked.

I love this runway model she is wearing Donna Karan Fall 2011 RTW- Runwayapparel and the look is amazing and elegant to perfection. Check out her beautiful dress and the belt that raps her waist and how about them up to the elbow fury gloves they are to die for. We can’t leave it there; don’t you just love that lovely purse? Well check out this amazing room that is inspired by this beautiful runway model.

Check out this runway inspired living room done by none other than…….. Me yep you heard right this is a design I designed after this runway model. Let me tell you why I chose what I chose for this room. We all can agree this model is beautiful and her outfit is all the more amazing but more than that I'm quite a fan to the sexy style and look so it was only fitting to style a room like her. First we have the lovely wallpaper rose wallpaper a Vivienne Westwood, the stylish window covering framing the beautiful windows. Moving right down to the tufted Benny sofa from theZ Gallery and the fabulous Oly Studio Bruno Cocktail Table sitting between the two GavinChairs from Zinc Door. I don’t know about you but I love this runway room design.
The belt!
The purse!
The suede furry on top gloves!
The Room!!!
Work it Girl!!!

Runway decorate at its best!!
 Product mood-board

Friends thanks for checking out this week special edition of Friday's runway decorate it was fun for me to do and I love how the room turned out now if you think you would like a runway decorate room for yourself this is a new service I will be offering in the very near future. Runway Decorate E-design I would explain that detail coming soon so please in the mean time please let me know what you think of this week runway decorate in your comment below.
Happy Friday 
Shinay Key

Dining Rooms A Place to Gather

Hello friends, how many of us long for family time and a place to gather as a family unit? No matter how many people are at the table or how simple the meal, you'll want to create an inviting dining room. Choosing furniture that suits your family and arranging it in a way that works for you is the key to a pleasant dining experience. What I'm trying to say is your furniture should be arranged for comfort and ease of movement, allowing enough space at the table for each person and to serve family and guest elegantly and with gracefully. 

Sitting at the table
Sitting at the dining table can be a good experience or one that is dreadful. Have you ever set at a dining table and your leg hits the leg of the table or it feels as though the dining table is sitting on your lap? Well that is called an arrangement that doesn’t suits your family and guest. Friends when I go out shopping with my clients for dining tables and chairs I always advise them to sit in the chairs and pull them all the way up to the table to make sure they fit under the table comfortably. Every now and then I like to brag about how much I know about a good shopping experience and this is one of those times but anyhow I want you to have a comfortable time when you’re gathering at the table with your family without the worry of hitting knees against the table. So here is where my experience of working for a furniture company comes into play. I know how important it is to have fun and comfortable gatherings with family and friends that is why when you shop for dining makes sure to have your measuring tape and be ready to test out the seats and table heights.
Dining table and Chairs:
A rectangular table is traditional, but a round one puts everyone on equal footing. For a dual purpose room think about two square tables one for family meals and one for work and then you can join the two together for entertaining.  Friends I don’t know about you but comfortable chairs are a must no matter what your serving weather it’s a quick bite or huge course dinner. So without further ado let’s check out some pretty cool and beautiful dining rooms.
This is a e-deign dining room I put together. Have you ever thought about a tufted bench at the dining table? This can be very comfortable with all the cushion seating around this dining table.
How about the soft seating here? Beautiful!
I love the pink chairs at the end of the tables aren't they amazing and the chandelier I'm just crazy over.
 Now who of us don't love traditional and era in a dining room? I'm sure everyone can fit at this table. This is the White House the State Dining Room in 2006, looking northwest into the Butler's Pantry (Spificwoman13) source here

I love this round table and the chandelier is spectacular what a comfy looking dinner table
Large dining Area and beautiful space planing. I think the whole family can sit in this dining room.

This is an big space that gives your family lots of room to walk.

Friends I hope you and your family find these dining rooms inspiring and it gives you some cool ideas to use in your dining room. As you can see most of these dining rooms were comfy seating and round and rectangular tables to gather but there were so much more we didn’t touch on like the lighting and the placement of the furniture these things make a huge difference in a gracious experience for family and guest. Friends if you are looking for more dining room experiences check out the diningroom gallery here

What do you think? Let me know in your comment below! 
Shinay Key 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Decoration ideas with Wall Stickers, Paper, and Picture 2017

A good decoration for walls depends on the color of them and the decoration itself of your entire home, there are many types of arrangements and accessories for walls, where you can experiment with adhesives, special paints, insoles, pictures, home decorations between many other things. The fundamental thing is always to print your style in space using your most personal tastes.

Decoration with Wall Stickers, Stickers, Stickers, Wall Stickers and Paper

There are several types of rooms: the main rooms, the rooms for guests, the rooms for children, the bathroom, the living room and the kitchen.

For the main room is sought a relaxation area, since they are normally used to rest after an arduous day of work, the walls for this room are perfect bathed in a blue color, since this is the color of tranquility.

In the decoration for walls of a child's room it is advisable to work with stickers and pictures, and with the help of a white neutral highlight such details.

In the bathroom, decoration for the walls consists of ceramics with different styles, the trend being the use of unicolored ceramics that give a feeling of warmth and comfort, as the color blue, green or white you can also valerte of Stickers and vinyls to decorate the Walls of your bathroom.

The decoration for the walls of the kitchen and living room are usually the same, as the ceramics are very varied and used in the right way can completely change the image of any space. If you are looking for other details, the decorative vinyls, full of colors and landscapes, are never too much.

This new fashion has been a success in many parts, the decorative vinyls are adhesive papers with very elegant images that give that touch of modernism to your home, in the places where the best decorative vinyls are in the bedrooms and in the rooms.

Decoration with Wall Stickers

Vintage Blue and Purple Girls bedroom

Hello friends, happy Monday I hope you had a pleasant weekend. Recently I received a comment from a viewer on a post I did on Vintage Style Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas this viewer was quite interested in a design for her 12 year old daughters room in the colors lavender and baby blue so in a effort to answer her question I thought how cool will it be if I did a mocked room in those very colors with a twist of green since green is my favorite color. Here's the deal this viewer wanted the room to be vintage style with lavender and baby blue and she also mention her daughter loves makeup as well. Now let’s keep in mind that I have no room sizes, no room shape so I couldn’t possibly in no way give this viewer an exact look of her daughter’s room but here is what the comment was and what I came up with for vintage teen girly room.
Comment from Viewer- Anonymous said...
Any ideas for a lavender and baby blue bedroom for a 12 year old girl who's into makeup and fashion?
This is my comment back to this viewer
Hi Anonymous, I wish I knew your name and then I can call you by it but anyhow thanks for your comment. Lavender and baby blue bedroom sounds absolutely beautiful together and for a 12 year old no less is all the more. First taking her age in to consideration I would make sure to give her more of a teen room because if we know anything about kids or they don’t stay youngsters forever. Furthermore I would maybe bring in one of the color on to the wall and built around it with some of her favorite things and if you’re going vintage don’t forget to use some things that are period pieces like old dresser or nightstands, throw pillows with perhaps some writing on them and you can’t forget a makeup table of some kind. Whatever you do just make certain your daughter is happy with it and you can’t go wrong. 
Viewers question
12 year old girl
Lavender and baby blue
Love’s makeup
What you think of what I came up with?
Friends I hope you were able to see the vintage in this room. I started off with purple wallpaper on the focal wall and on the two side walls baby blue paint.  For the bed I used an old Iron bed and painted it a baby blue color. Well I like to imagine I found this old era Iron bed that was old and yucky and made it new again and dressed it in some pretty bedding old is what makes vintage, vintage. Furthermore I found a beautiful pillow with some vintage writing on it and included it in with the rest of the bedding. Friends check out the cute vintage dress horse isn’t it just beautiful.  Now remember our reader made mention of her daughter loving makeup? I was sure to include a beautiful makeup vanity to put on makeup when she’s ready. Another thing I like a lot is the two beautiful sconces on either side of the bed. I think it helps bring the room together but even more how about the beautiful sketch of the girl wearing all that makeup above the bed. Just lovely right! Here is the source of this sketch here 
Well my Friends I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have. It’s nice to imagine on occasion right?
If you would like to check out a load of vintage style for teen girls rooms please check out Vintage Style Teen Girls Bedroom ideas and if you love girly rooms like me check out the Teen Room Gallery

Now to all my viewers who leave a comment Anonymous please leave your name because I really like to know who I’m talking to and then we can develop a better relationship with one another.
So what do you think?
Please let me know in your comment below!

Modern Living room interior ideas 2017

Modern Living room interior ideas 2017. Living room is most important part of our life,Because in the home we maximum time spent at our living room,So we always want our living room look like more beautiful.So today I am going to share some best small living room picture.From there you see how to arrange your sofa wall painting and many other thing which we keep in our living room. after seeing this picture you can self manage your normal living room to a beautiful living room.

Monday, January 2, 2017

2 new chairs for the new house

Pretty much since I was in 5th grade I have loved watching HGTV and dreamt of having a home to design and decorate one day. 

And now that we are in the market to buy a home, my decorating desire in in hyperactive overdrive. 

We've found a house that we LOVE, a house we could grown into with lots of possibilites and potential, but it's at the very top end of our budget we we're pondering in for a week and then we'll decide if we want to procede with it. 

(I'll keep you updated :))

Anyway, I've been wanting to have my grandma's chair reupholstered for a long time now, and we just had it redone in preparation for our future new home. 

The before:

And the after:

I still need to refinish the legs, and I'm going between a couple of options. 

1. Lacquered in black

2. Lacquered in white

3. A lighter stain

4. Or a fun color like a mustard yellow


And the other new chair was a an amazing thrift store find. 

A tufted leather chair for $75.

The seat was a little dry, but I've been using some leather conditioner and it's working like a charm. 

I almost offered more for the chair, but then I came to my senses and counted it as an amazing blessing from the thrifting gods. :)